SAMSUNG UltraWQHD 34.1" Monitor 75Hz

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The ultra-wide screen makes it easy for multi-tasking with a resolution of 21:9, it makes playing games, working on documents, or watching videos or doing all at the same time feel more comfortable.

With the screen resolution being 3440x1440 pixels which is approximately 2.4 times more dense then Full HD it delivers razor-sharp images, and with more pixels the pixels to display content you are able to view more then usual on web pages and documents without having to scroll or zoom out.

 The monitor includes a Y-stand and is able to be mounted onto a wall, the monitor is also able to be tilted forward and backwards. the monitor has 2x HDMI Ports, 1x Display Port, and 1x Audio Port

Gameplay is a lot smoother with the help of the AMD FreeSync which synchronizes the refresh rate of the Graphics card your computer uses and the monitor to help reduce the image tear and any stutter.