Disclaimer Symbols
The ‘star’ symbol e.g *(PRODUCT NAME) denotes the product you are viewing is a refurbished product.
The ‘up arrow’ symbol e.g ^(PRODUCT NAME) denotes the product you are viewing is a display product.


Parts & Service Warranty
– Used parts or systems have 3 months warranty from the date of purchase.
– If any warranty sticker on a PC or any other peripheral is damaged, warranty is void.
Any physical damage to the parts caused by incorrect installation by the customer are not covered.


In Store Warranty
We give a 7 day warranty for services done within our store. Please ask for more details regarding this warranty in store as it does not apply to all services (e.g software related issues)

We provide 3 month warranty on all of our refurbished products and 1 year warranty for new products.

We only provide replacement units of equal or similar condition to refurbished units purchased (e.g we wont replace a C grade condition unit with an A grade condition unit)

New products will come with manufacturers warranty where you can directly contact the manufacturer, alternatively you can contact us to help you out with the process.


Online Order Warranty
New / Display Products: 1 Year Warranty
– All new and display products come with 1 yr warranty (Unless stated on the product page). If it has a major fault we cover all postage fees for another a replacement unit to you.

– For change of mind returns, you pay for the return postage. Brand new items must not have been used or restocking fees may apply.

Refurbished Products: 30 Day Returns
– For change of mind returns, you pay for the return postage.
– If the product has a major fault we will cover all postage fees including returns to us and shipment of a replacement unit to you.

Refurbished Products: 3 Month Returns
– Returns after 3 months will need be reviewed on a case to case basis.
– Faulty hardware within 3 months can be returned for a replacement or refunded by us, however you must pay for return postage.

Items should be returned in original or protected packaging to avoid transport damage.


These Warranties DO NOT APPLY Under These Circumstances
– Software is not covered by warranty.
– Misused the product in any way that caused the problem.

– Knew of or were made aware of the faults before you brought the product (e.g you purchased a refurbished C grade unit system)

– Asked for a service to be taken place in a different manner that defys the advice of the system administrators / business. Or you were unclear about what type of service you wanted.