Remote Support

If you have persistent software issues and don't want the hassle of travelling to get it repaired then remote support is the next best thing! This allows us to access your computer over the internet and perform the repairs while you watch us on your screen.

Remote Support is flat rate $49 per hr.

If a technician has sent you here to download the remote software please click here to download.

Examples where remote support can be used:

  • Renew or install anti-virus software
  • Diagnosing \ correcting e-Mail mailbox issues.
  • Find a specific file that is not in your desktop or documents.
  • Windows updates that fail to install even after retrying several times.
  • Errors that keep appearing every time a program is opened or while it's running.
  • Diagnose \ confirm if a hardware fault has occurred (followed up by bringing in your system or scheduling an onsite service)

Examples where remote support cannot be used:

  • No internet access
  • Forgotten your logon password.
  • System does not power on at all.
  • Cannot access Windows or your desktop \ files.

If you have problem descriptions that are similar to the above issues then the system will need to be brought in or an onsite service must be scheduled.

*Please note prices do not factor in costs for additional parts or software that may be required.