Premium Service

Have a frustrating problem that you can’t seem to get rid of? Need an experts hand on assembling a new computer system perhaps? No need to worry, our premium services are just what you need to remove all the complexity in your daily computer tasks.

Due to the current situation in Victoria please give us a call on 9464 6888 to schedule an appointment to drop off your system for service.

*Please note prices do not factor in costs for additional parts that may be required.


Express Service Option *Ask for availability

  • +$49 On top of any Premium Service.

    Reduces the Premium Service Timeframe to (1 Day - 2 Days)


Premium Service (2 - 3 Day Timeframe)

  • PC Upgrade and Initial Test $89

    If you have purchased some new parts from us but wish to use some of your current parts to complete your system e.g. new PC internal parts but use the same exterior PC case you own, we can assist you with this process.


  • Virus Removal $99

    If your system is showing signs of slowness or displaying random popups at inconvenient times then a virus clean is needed to restore your system back to normal. All of your data is retained when this service is performed.


  • Medium Capacity Data Transfer (510GB to 1TB) $109

    If you have a system that is no longer repairable but have a fair amount of important documents or pictures within it we can transfer the data from your systems internal drive to a provided (*or at an additional cost a supplied) external hard drive so that your data can be accessed on any other system you may own.


  • Basic System Builds and Initial Test $109

    If you have purchased your components from different places but need a builder to fully assemble your system we will be happy to build and test your system to ensure that all of your parts are working as intended.

    *Note if the part(s) do not work as intended when the build is complete we will notify you and the part(s) must be returned to the specific store where you have purchased it. We will not accept liability for parts that are not purchased within our store.


  • Laptop Charging Issues $129

    If your laptop has a problem with its power delivery such as not charging or your battery is not holding an acceptable charge (30 minute battery life) then we will diagnose and correct the issue so that you’ll be back to using your system anywhere you go.