Our Story

Remember the good old days when DOS 6.22; Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 where predominant in the not so common personal computer? That changed when the transition from Command Line Interface (CLI) For the folks that didn’t have a PC back then it was a time where you would turn on your computer and you were greeted with “C:\” followed by a blinking underscore cursor; you would then have to input commands to perform basic functions to operate the computer, those were the times!

Windows 3.1 released in 1992. The first GUI operating system to click and run programs.

Once CLI was replaced with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) it changed how the industry worked and it unlocked a new potential for home users. The concept of using a mouse to double-click on a program was an amazing accomplishment. Because of the GUI many home users started jumping into the personal computing world, and that’s where we come in! Founded in 1996 our first base of operations was in Epping Plaza as it was known during that time, it is now known as Pacific Epping.

With an enthusiastic group of people PC Australia was able to provide computers to a broad range of customers whilst providing continual support for hardware and software, Back then certain viruses were so destructive that they could actually render systems inoperable! It was very interesting time as “cheap” computers back then set you back roughly $3000, that’s was quite an investment in those times!

Windows 3.1 installion failed as the processor is damaged due to a very destructive virus!

Fast forward to this day and so much has changed, technology is easily accessible and is now much more affordable too. However at the same time there are people out there that are trying to adapt to the digital age and system repair is higher than ever with the never ending glitches and viruses that are found in today’s systems.

Whatever the issue may be we are here to provide support in a outgoing manner whilst substituting all of the “techy” talk into a more friendly language for better understanding. If we’re fixing your system and you learn something then we’re all for it!