Normal Services

If your computer or laptop is not running as it should be or cannot even operate we can aid you in getting your system back up and running. Our normal services below will guide you for the service you need.

Due to the current situation in Victoria please give us a call on 9464 6888 to schedule an appointment to drop off your system for service.

*Please note prices do not factor in costs for additional parts that may be required.


Express Service Option *Ask for availability

  • +$49 On top of any Normal Service.

    Reduces the Normal Service timeframe to (Same Day - 1 Day)


Normal Service (2 - 3 Day Timeframe)

  • System Inspection $69

    One example would be if your system turns off without warning. We will test and find the cause of the issue and provide you with the total cost if parts are needed *offset the $69 if you proceed to repair your system.


  • Reformat and Installation of Windows $69

    If your system has a severe software error or you would like you system to operate at its peak performance and the data on it is of no importance we can wipe your entire system to ensure its functioning at full speed.


  • Small Capacity Data Transfer (0GB to 500GB) $69

    If you have a system that is no longer repairable but still have small pieces of important documents or pictures within it we can transfer the data from your systems internal drive to a provided (*or at an additional cost a supplied) external hard drive so that your data can be accessed on any other system you may own.