Data Recovery

If your hard drive is no longer being detected by your computer or any other system you have tried and important information is stored on it then our data recovery services is the final attempt in getting your data back.

Our recovery prices are the lowest around look around, compare and you’ll be surprised at the cost. We believe that your data should not be kept from you because of the insanely high prices that the competitors charge.

Data Recovery services require a 50% upfront deposit to attempt the recovery process, if we are unable to extract any data from the Hard Drive due to extreme damage or failure your deposit and Hard Drive will be fully refunded / returned to you.

*NOTE that this service can only be performed on traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and not Solid State Drive (SSD) as their build structure is vastly different and are unable to undergo Data Recovery. Prices do not factor in costs for a new hard drive as the data may need to be copied to a new disk if the original is too damaged.

Data Recovery Levels:

  • $499 Hard Drive Capacities Between 0GB and 500GB ($199 Upfront)
  • $599 Hard Drive Capacities Between 510GB and 1TB ($199 Upfront)
  • $699 Hard Drive Capacities Between 1.5TB and 3TB ($249 Upfront)
  • $699 + Extra $1 Every 10GB Recovered After 3TB. For Drives Beyond 3TB ($249 Upfront)

If you require data recovery and are in a distant location from our store front you can give us a call on (03) 9464 6888 and post your hard drive to us.

We will reimburse any shipping costs that you have incurred if you post your hard drive to us and keep your postage tax invoice for verification purposes.