Basic Services

If you have an issue with your computer or laptop we can help to get you back on track. Our basic services below will guide you on the type of issue or service you need undertaken.

Due to the current situation in Victoria please give us a call on 9464 6888 to schedule an appointment to drop off your system for service.

*Please note prices do not factor in costs for additional parts that may be required.


Express Service Option *Ask for avaliability

  • +$49 On top of any Basic Service.

    Reduces the Basic Service Timeframe to (Same Day - 1 Day)


Basic Service (1 - 2 Day Timeframe)

  • Wi-Fi Testing $39

    Ensure your computer or laptop can connect to a properly configured wireless network and can maintain a consistent connection without random dropouts.


  • Simple Part Testing $49

    Your external hard drive may not be reading or powering on when you plug it into your system, we can check and verify if there is a fault with the actual hard drive itself or there is a cable / system issue.


  • Windows User Pasword Removal $49

    Can’t access your system due to a password that’s incorrectly setup or perhaps someone else enabled a password to lock you out of your own system.


  • Driver Installation $69

    Sound not working on your system after a Windows Update? We can check your system to see if the system drivers have been disabled or corrupted and reconfigure the drivers to get your system back to running as it was.


  • Internal Component Installation \ Change $69

    So you purchased a brand new graphics card for your computer but don’t want to take the risk damaging your system to install it? No worries! Bring the system to us and we will install and setup your new card so you can enjoy your new games hassle free.