Looking for a computer or laptop but don’t know what you need? We’ve got you covered with systems for home, business, designers, gamers and streamers!

With a range of special systems that allow you to become the virtual builder and part picker. You can build your own custom system for all the intensive tasks that come along your way. Weather its PhotoShop or CAD design to becoming the most viewed streamer or even become the best ranked player in the gaming!

Alongside sales we also have support services for both hardware (physical parts \ systems) and software (programs that error \ do not function correctly), system security fixes such as virus removal and anti-virus solutions, wired wireless networking, data backup and recovery \ continuous data protection solutions.

Even if you're new to the digital world we can help you by supplying you with the essentials to get you started by assisting you to make informed decisions with a new or refurbished system purchase. We also demonstrate the basic functions \ components of the computer alongside how to operate and navigate the system.